Family Office

We know everyone has different circumstances, so we work with you to develop the strategies that allow you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.


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The DAA Family Office provides an independent approach to financial management, and serves as the central hub for a family’s governance, legacy and succession planning.

The DAA Family Office works together with you to set family goals that align with family values, and we take pride in proactively working with you to help achieve those goals.  The fully integrated solution includes the planning and facilitation of regular family meetings to review plans and monitor success.

While we don’t provide financial product advice, we will be your single point of contact where specialists are coordinated, costs controlled, complex issues are managed, and solutions are tailored to meet the family goals.  We streamline your affairs giving improved control over family assets, increased efficiencies and broader family support.

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Our trusted relationships are highly valued and the privacy and confidentiality offered is of utmost importance.

For more information, please contact Jane Clark.

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