The team at DAA consists of chartered accountants and tax lawyers.  It sounds a bit strange doesn’t it?  But our clients really love it!  You see, there are some things that accountants do really well – like crunching the numbers.  And there are some things that only lawyers can do – like give legally privileged taxation advice.

At DAA, we bridge that gap between accounting and law.

DAA Legal provides taxation advice and tax related legal services to a wide range of clients ranging from high wealth family groups to large multinational corporations.  We combine our technical expertise with our commercial experience, together with our deeper understanding of our client’s affairs, to provide practical advice – advice that ultimately saves you money.

Our expertise covers all aspects of Australian taxation law, international tax and tax structuring (particularly in the Asia-Pacific region). We have successfully resolved tax disputes, represented our clients in tax audits and helped our clients in their estate and succession planning.  As we are also lawyers, we are able to provide advice that is subject to legal professional privilege and draft legal documents and wills.